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 Midnapore is a small town of Bengal. This name glimpsed at the time of Indian freedom fight. Three magistrates were killed at that time and my grandfather was arrested in a incident that was called Burge-murder. Inside the prison my grandfather used to write poems, drew pictures which enhanced me in growing up. My grandfather name is Sailendranath Das. Although my father was a lawyer but he used to practice folktales and fables with genuine interest and a propensity of my father’s library, helped a lot in growing up. My uncle Deepak Das and my aunty Sumitra Das both were artist and they helped me also in my artistic development.

After completed my graduation in physiology I came to Kolkata in 1999 and started my artistic journey with a course of graphic design and after its completion I joined an ad agency. Abruptly in 2005 a chance to design a pandal of Durga Puja made a certain change in my life. To me, Durga puja is a festival of delightful atmosphere where people enjoy with new things, crowd become limitless, colourful events and procession of new faces.

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Achievements of Anirban

Kolkata hosts autumn festival every year and some organizations distribute several awards on it. Anirban has almost every award in his pouch.
Some glimpses from those awards

  • Asian Paints Sharad Shamman Shrestha Puja: 2004, 2005, 2011 & 2014
  • Protidin Puja Perfect: 2014 & 2015
  • Anandabazar Sharadharga; Saharer Sera Puja 2014, Uttarer Sera Puja 2014 & 2016
  • Times of India Durga Puja Award: 2012(Best Lighting), 2013(Best Lighting & Best Pandel), 2014(Best Puja, Best idol, Discovery of the year & Best theme), 2015 same as 2014.
  • Biswa Bangla: 2012, 2013, 2014(3 awards), 2015(3 awards), 2016(5 awards).
  • Kolkata Shree: 2012, 2014, 2015(4 awards), 2016.
  • ABP Ananda: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.
  • Shalimar Paints, Sonic Sharad Shamman, Berger Paints Puja Awards, Excide Puja awards, Smoke free Sharad Shamman, Mahanayak Uttam kumar Sharad Shamman, Bhorer Alo Sharad Shamman, Bachbo Sharad Shamman & Birla Sharad Shamman.

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I made my team with so many artists and skillful artisans for the last 12 years. Every member of my team loves my work and they enjoy it very much. Near about 200 members are incorporated with my work and the most likable thing is that we behave like a family.

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Bibhatsam After entering heaven Yudhisthira wanted to see his elder brother Karna and others. A messenger from heaven took him to a place which was very dark, inauspicious, inapproachable and marshy being covered with waste materials like hair, blood and other impure elements. Evil spirits were busily moving here and there. It was emitting bad smell. It was the Hell, the place of sinners.

Best Complements

He is professional, responsive, and utterly accountable for his work. Furthermore, He has an exceptional talent for capturing the personality and character of mythology and social anthropology, which is an invaluable gift! I am looking forward to following his bright career. Thank you, Anirban, for all of your hard work!

Hatibagan Navenpalli
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Anirban has an exceptional talent for capturing the personality and character of mythology and social anthropology, which is an invaluable gift! He is professional, responsive, and utterly accountable for his work. Whether they are artists, celebrities, political personalities or general public, Anirban is appreciated by all.Now he started a open forum to discuss on any subject. Even anybody can join there by a simple registration. Its absolutely free.

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Vāmana, in the guise of a short Brahmin carrying a wooden umbrella, went to king Bali to request room for his three legs to rest. Bali consented, against the warning of his guru, Śukrācārya. Revealing his identity Vāmana enlarged to gigantic proportions to stride over the three worlds. He stepped from heaven to earth with the first step, from earth to the netherworld with the second. King Bali, unable to fulfil his promise, offered his head for the third.